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Need an inexpensive way to learn some of the key concepts and tricks of the trade you need to know to succeed as an information marketer? 6 of the CDs below are a compilation of some of the best episodes of our Bret and Bryan Blog Talk Radio show, with each disc being based around a core topic. The first product is the audiobook version of “50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make.”

50BiggestMistakesAmazon50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make

This 2 CD set is the audio version of Bret Ridgway’s info marketing classic “The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make.” Learn how to avoid those critical mistakes that keep you from building the information marketing business of your dreams. Available for just $7.99.AddToCart



6 K6KeysToBuildingCDeys to Building a Successful Info Products Business

In this content rich audio CD you’ll learn: #1 – If Personal Development Must be Included in What You Teach #2 – The Power of Masterminding and How It Can Help Take You to the Next Level #3 – How to Reduce Customer Service Issues #4 – How to Do Market Research to Determine the Viability of a Target Market #5 – Why Pricing Info Products Too Low is Such a Problem for Information Marketers #6 – Keys to Successful New Product Launches. Available for just $4.97.AddToCart


7KeyConceptsCD7 Key Concepts You Must Understand as an Info Marketer

In this jam-packed Audio CD you’ll learn…. #1 – What Churn is and How It Impacts You as an Info Marketer #2 – Packaging Your Products for Maximum Profits #3 – The 10:1 Rule of Info Marketing #4 – Consumption and Stick Strategies for Info Products #5 – Perceived Value and What It Means to You #6 – Understanding Lifetime Customer Value #7 – Pros & Cons of Physical vs. Digital Products. Available for just $4.97.AddToCart


6KeystoStandingOut6 Keys to Standing Out From the Crowd as an Info Marketer

In this content rich audio CD you’ll learn: #1 – The Most Popular Affiliate Tools You Need to Make Available for Your Affiliates #2 – What “Calls to Action” are and How You Must Strengthen Yours #3 – How to Create Better Audio Products for Your Customers #4 – Why Differentiation is Critical to Your Success as an Information Marketer #5 – What Branding Is (And Isn’t) and How It Impacts You as an Information Marketer #6 – How Doing $10 per Hour Tasks Can Stunt the Growth of Your Info Business. Available for just $4.97.AddToCart


6KeystoNextLevel6 Keys to Taking Your Info Products Business to the Next Level

In this content rich audio CD you’ll learn: #1 – How Another Marketer Alienated His List and What You Can Do to Avoid a Similar Fate #2 – The Myth of Multitasking and How It Might be Killing Your Business Growth #3 – Why Perfection Induced Procrastination Can Take Money Out of Your Pocket #4 – What Repurposing Is and Why It’s Critical to Growth of Your Info Business #5 – The Value of Outsourcing to Take Your Business to the Next Level #6 – How to Work Successfully with a Fulfillment House. Available for just $4.97.AddToCart


LookingAtLiveEventsCDLooking at Live Events for Speakers and Promoters

In this content rich audio CD you’ll learn: #1 – The Value of Live Events to Grow Your Info Marketing Business More Quickly #2 – The Impact Live Streaming has on Event Attendance and Other Pros and Cons #3 – What Cafeteria vs. Bundle Selling Is and Which Works Best in Platform Selling #4 – The Little Things that Can Trip Up the Success of a Live Event #5 – Key Considerations You Need to Take Into Account if You’re Selling from the Platform. Available for $4.97.AddToCart


RunningOnlineBusinessCDRunning the Online Side of an Info Marketing Business

In this content rich audio CD you’ll learn: #1 – The Key Concepts Behind Successful Email Deliverability #2 – What You Should Look for in an Online Shopping Cart #3 – Common Website Mistakes Online Marketers Make and How You Can Avoid Them #4 – What Email Whitelists and Blacklists are and How You Can Keep Yourself Safe #5 – The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Backlinking to Increase the Visibility of Your Website. Available for $4.97.AddToCart



Complete Audio Library – All 7 products above for just $29.97 – save $7.84 vs. purchasing individually.AddToCart