7KeyMistakesToAvoidBeforeYouWriteYourBook7 Key Mistakes to Avoid Before You Write Your Book

Even before you put that first word down on paper for your manuscript there are mistakes you could be making as an aspiring author. This Kindle eBook covers 7 specific mistakes authors make before they write their book and, by learning how to avoid these mistakes, you can dramatically increase your chances for success as an author. Available at Amazon.com.


WritingYourBookEbookWriting Your Book: 9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes that authors make during the writing of their book. Things such as choosing a poor title, not making their book easily consumable and not including bounce backs in their book. This Kindle eBook covers these and 6 other critical mistakes authors frequently make during the writing of their book. Available at Amazon.com.


MarketingYourBookBeforeItsWrittenEbookMarketing Your Book Before It’s Written: 11 Key Success Factors for Authors

Part of the Mistakes Authors Make Kindle series, this newest edition covers 11 key success factors authors need to follow regarding the marketing of their book – even before it’s been written! This Kindle eBook is available at Amazon.com.



BusinessOfWritingYourBookeBookThe Business of Your Book: 12 Key Mistakes to Avoid

To succeed as an author you need to understand that your book is part of a business. A business that can be rife with mistakes if you don’t know how to do things the right way. This quick read covers 12 key mistakes many authors make related to the business of their book. This Kindle eBook is available at Amazon.com.



50BiggestWebsiteMistakesAmazon50 Biggest Website Mistakes: Secrets to Getting More Traffic, Converting More Customers & Making More Sales

This Kindle eBook was written to help people get more success out of their website and online business. The information comes from the combined efforts of Frank Deardurff III and Bret Ridgway, who together have well over 25 years of online marketing experience and have an established presence in the online marketing community. Available at Amazon.com.


50BiggestMistakesAmazon50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make

The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make provides a behind-the-scenes perspective of some of the mistakes some of the biggest names in information marketing have made and what you can do to avoid these mistakes and increase your chances for success.  You’ll find a unique ‘New Information Product Development and Launch Checklist’ included that shows you step by step the tasks you need to be completing at various time intervals prior to the launch of your new information product. This Kindle eBook is available at Amazon.com.