Red Oak Cart

Red Oak Logo Raw Red ImageRed Oak Cart (ROC) was founded by several people from Speaker Fulfillment Services (SFS). It all began after SFS client care people kept hearing feedback and complaints about the popular shopping carts of the time. SFS gathered all of this feedback and went to the largest shopping cart and presented to them what people were asking for – they said “no problem we can do that”

Fast forward two years and that large shopping cart company still had not done any of the suggestions – in fact many of their services had become worse. In the meantime, SFS had already developed its own high end shopping cart, email and order fulfillment system. When SFS realized that their clients could benefit from this same system that SFS was using internally Red Oak Cart was born.

Now you can have one easy to use place where you can manage your shopping cart and email. To top it off – just like at SFS there is live phone support with ROC – so you can get the help you need when you need it. Also, like SFS, the founders of ROC are marketers so they can even give you advice on your site and sales processes.

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