Starting Your Speaking Career

Attn: Coaches, Healers, Aspiring Speakers...

Ready to take the stage?


Starting Your Speaking Career:
3 Key Things You Must Master

Last Chance Session ⬇️

In this 57-minute training you'll learn:

  • Critical elements of crafting your signature talk
  • Keys to getting speaking engagements
  • How to determine if a stage is the right stage for you
  • Best ways to monetize your speaking engagements
  • And much more!

Bret Ridgway is a 25-year veteran of the speaking industry. He got his start managing the back sales table at conferences way back in 1999. As founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services, he had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry - folks like Russell Brunson, Suzanne Evans, Alexandria Brown, Frank Kern, John Assaraf from the Secret, Armand Morin, Ryan Deiss, Mike Koenigs, Mike Filsaime, Alex Mandossian, Jay Shetty and even Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street.

His unique behind-the-scenes perspective at the back sales table and as fulfillment partner for these industry leaders enabled him to see what speakers do well and, honestly, what many of them fail miserably at. In this training he'll share some the war stories from the trenches and help you begin the path to developing your speaking career.