Do You Have a Powerful Message
You Need to Share With the World?

Join Me for the "Starting Your Speaking Career: 3 Key Things You Must Master" Workshop


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Tuesday, October 17th - 11 am EST
Thursday, October 19th - 2 pm EST
Saturday, October 21st - 11 am EST
Monday, October 23rd - 8 pm EST

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Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner who's had a successful career and now you feel like you want to share what you've learned along the way with others? Or maybe you're a wellness coach or an energy healer who has a powerful message that should be shared.

The fact is you want to become a public speaker. No, that's not right. You NEED to become a public speaker. Problem is, you haven't a friggin' clue as to how the speaking industry really works.

What type of speaker should you be? Do you even know what all the various speaking models are? How do you land speaking engagements? How do you even determine if a stage is the right one for you? How do you make money from being a speaker? And what are some of the pitfalls you must absolutely avoid if you're going to build a profitable speaking business?

It's Time for You to Share Your
Powerful Message With the World!

Join me for this 60 minute workshop where you will learn:

  • How the speaking industry really works
  • What event promoters are looking for
  • How you can get on more stages
  • How to determine if a stage is the right stage for you
  • What are the ways you can monetize your message
  • And much more!

It's Time for You to Share Your Brilliance With the World!


Bret Ridgway is a 25-year veteran of the speaking industry. He got his start managing the back sales table at internet and information conferences way back in 1999. Over the course of the next 15 years he managed the sales table at around 150 events and has witnessed nearly 2000 different speakers in person. He's seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry and what speakers need to do to be successful.

In 2003 he founded a company called Speaker Fulfillment Services that provides product duplication and fulfillment services for speakers, authors and information marketers. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry including Russell Brunson, John Assaraf from "The Secret", Suzanne Evans, and the Wolf of Wall Street himself Jordan Belfort.

His unique behind-the-scenes perspective enabled him to see what speakers do well and what many of them fail miserably at. Eventually he stepped out from the back of the room himself and has spoken for the last ten years at live events, virtual summits and on podcasts on topics from speaking to mistakes authors make.

"Bret Has Made a Profound impact at My Events."

“In the business development industry, none of us can afford to make the mistake of sharing our stages with well-known “experts” who dazzle but don’t deliver. Our audiences need substance, integrity, and how-to information. Anything less is unfair to them and a stain on our reputation.  I’ve learned to be meticulously careful about who gets on my stage and that’s why I always say “yes” to Bret Ridgway.

Bret has made a profound impact at my events. His knowledge of the industry is strong, his ethics are unwavering, and my audiences always appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile to provide practical advice when he leaves the stage. I enthusiastically recommend Bret for any event promoters who demand only the best for the people they serve.”

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, President & CEO
Professional Impact, Inc.