I am author or co-author of several books related to information products, books, speaking and live events. A brief synopsis of each is below. Click on the book image for more details and ordering information.

ViewFromTheBackAmazonView from the Back: 101 Tips for Event Promoters Who Want to Dramatically Increase Back-of-the-Room Sales

This tips book can help both event promoters and speakers alike get better results for their back-of-the-room sales at their live events. Pick up your author signed copy for just $16.95.AddToCart



50BiggestMistakesAmazon50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make

Our unique, behind-the-scenes perspective handling product fulfillment for leading info marketers and for our own products has resulted in this helpful guide. Avoiding key mistakes leads to greater success more quickly with less frustration. Author signed copy available for only $16.95.AddToCart



50BiggestWebsiteMistakesAmazon50 Biggest Website Mistakes: Secrets to Getting More Traffic, Converting More Customers & Making More Sales

Co-authored with my good friend Frank Deardurff, this book dives into the mistakes authors, speakers, info marketers and other online marketers typically make with their websites. Get your copy today for just $17.95.AddToCart




I contributed a chapter to this collaborative work where I shared a bit more personal information and my business history, along with some lessons I learned along the way. This one is only $9.95.AddToCart



MistakesAuthorsMakeAmazonMistakes Authors Make: Essential Steps for Achieving Success as an Author

Co-authored with my friends Bryan Hane and Rick Frishman, this book was a #1 Amazon bestseller! It is divided into five major sections – Before You Write, The Business of Your Book, Writing Your Book, Marketing Your Book Before It’s Written and Marketing Your Book After It’s Written. Get your copy for only $19.95. AddToCart



ABCsOfSpeakingABCs of Speaking: Your Building Blocks to Speaking Success

***COMING SPRING 2017***




consuming-your-content-coverConsuming Your Content: Getting Your Students to Read, Watch and Listen to Your Training

***COMING SPRING 2017***




Complete Bret Book Bundle – All 5 titles above currently in print for a special price of just $67. Save $15.75 vs. purchasing indivdually!AddToCart