Wendy Lipton-Dibner

"Bret Has Made a Profound impact at My Events."

“In the business development industry, none of us can afford to make the mistake of sharing our stages with well-known “experts” who dazzle but don’t deliver. Our audiences need substance, integrity, and how-to information. Anything less is unfair to them and a stain on our reputation.  I’ve learned to be meticulously careful about who gets on my stage and that’s why I always say “yes” to Bret Ridgway.

Bret has made a profound impact at my events. His knowledge of the industry is strong, his ethics are unwavering, and my audiences always appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile to provide practical advice when he leaves the stage. I enthusiastically recommend Bret for any event promoters who demand only the best for the people they serve.”

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, President & CEO
Professional Impact, Inc.

"Bret is an Information Marketer's Best Friend"

“Bret Ridgway is an information marketer’s best friend. Bret is great because he really likes the business. He understands the business. He’s IN the business. He’s an author and an information publisher himself. And, he really cares about you. He really get to know what you’re doing and looks for ways to give you what you want, what you’ve asked for, and also to improve upon the process. He will help you take what you’re doing to the next level.”

David Garfinkel, Author
Breakthrough Copywriting

David Hancock

"Always a Big Hit With Our Authors"

"At Morgan James Publishing, we do a live Red Carpet Event for our new authors and have brought Bret in to share his expertise with them. Bret's practical, no-nonsense tips about the publishing industry are always a big hit with our authors!"

David L. Hancock
Founder, Morgan James Publishing

"Knew How to Speak Right to My Audience"

"Bret was an excellent guest on the podcast and has a wealth of knowledge to share ranging from events and speaking to fulfilling orders to books to good business relationships. He knew how to speak right to my audience on how they can grow their business as authors and added so much great value as well. Thank you, Bret for coming on!"

Katelyn Silva


"People Loved Your Talk!"

"I was so pleased to have you as part of our Awakening Author Book Writing Telesummit and am deeply appreciative of the authentic and insightful contributions you brought to the circle. People loved your talk!"

Susan Crossman, Founder
Awakening Author Book Writing Telesummit