Can You Imagine What It Would be Like to Have YOUR Powerful
Message Shared With All the People Who Need to Hear It?

You Don't Have to Imagine Anymore


How many times have you sat in the audience at an event and thought "Man, that should be me up on that stage sharing what I've learned. I'm a better speaker than him (or her)?" Well, it's time for you to get out of the audience and step into the spotlight yourself!

Introducing the Spotlight Speaker Masterclass

The Spotlight Speaker Masterclass was created by 25-year speaking industry veteran Bret Ridgway (that's me on the left) and is the only training of its kind that not only helps you to craft your own powerful signature talk, but it helps you to assess which are the right stages for you to be on, provides you resources to get on more stages, and helps you to determine how you can best monetize your unique, powerful message!

In this 5 module course covered over 2-1/2 days you'll:


Learn How to Create Your Own
Unique Signature Speech!

Receive Valuable Resources to Help
Get on More Stages!

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Learn How to Assess Which are The
Right Stages for You to Be On!

Learn How to Best
Monetize Your Message!


Ready to Shine the Spotlight on Yourself?

The Spotlight Speaker Masterclass consists of these 5 core modules:



  • The first module is “Behind the Curtain” and that’s where we’ll dive into how the speaking industry really works. We're talking speaking models, virtual & in person events, demographics, key metrics, event promoters and more!


  • Next will be “Systems and Assets” where we’ll look at all the things you need to put into place to be that sought after speaker. We’ll help you to develop your speaker one sheet and define your signature talk and cover lead magnets, social media, media kits and more.


  • Module 3 will be all about “Getting those Gigs.” We’ll be looking in depth at the resources available to you to land on more stages. We’ll probably even pop in live once or twice to actual networking events.


  • The 4th module is “Beyond Your Speech.” Your speech may well be an attendee’s entry into your world and the real money will typically be made on the backend products and services you offer to your audiences. We’ll help you determine what the proper backend things will be in order to monetize your speech.


  • Finally, in Module 5 we’ll go more deeply into “Building Your Business.” We’ll look at some of the key mistakes I’ve seen other speakers make that in some instances cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’ll want to learn about these mistakes so you can avoid them.

Ready to Build Your Own Profitable Speaking Business?

The Specifics

The Spotlight Speaker Masterclass will begin on Friday, October 27th at 11 am EST and end on Sunday, October 29th at 2 pm EST.

There will be two sessions on Friday and Saturday and each session will run about 3 hours with a 30-minute break midway. Sunday's session will be a single three-hour session.

Session 1: Friday, October 27th - 11 am EST - 2 pm EST
Session 2: Friday, October 27th - 2:30 pm EST - 5:30 pm EST
Session 3: Saturday, October 28th - 11 am EST - 2 pm EST
Session 4: Saturday, October 28th - 2:30 pm EST - 5:30 EST
Session 5: Sunday October 29th - 11 am EST - 2 pm EST

Some Extra Goodies!

When you enroll in the Spotlight Speaker Masterclass

I'm excited to send you all of the special bonuses below!


Bret Ridgway Book Bundle - Value $115.00

And I'm not talking about PDF copies here!

I'm talking the actual physical softcover books that I've written or co-written focused on
speakers, authors, information marketers and event promoters. You'll receive these in the mail shortly after you enroll.


Speaker Success Toolkit - Value $297.00

Checklists, resources, sample one sheets, sample order forms and more!


Free Access to the Speakertunity & JV Jams Communities - Value $338.00

Find stages you can speak on, meet potential JV partners and more!

Fast Action Bonus

Digital version of the SMART Seminar Marketing Explained Course - Value $997.00

If you're looking to put on your own events then what's covered in this course could be the difference between success and failure. The physical version of this course originally sold at live events for $1997.00.


You'll also receive lifetime access to the training.

That's a total value of $1,997.00

Total Value of the Masterclass plus all of the bonuses - $3,744.00

Your Investment - Just $497

Guarantee Certificate

It's Time for You to Take Center Stage!

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