5 Critical Questions You MUST Answer If You’re Considering Doing Coaching

#1 Will you do individual or group coaching?

#2 Will the coaching be done via phone, Zoom, Skype, email, in person, Google Hangout or another way?

#3 How frequently will you get together with your students?

#4 How much direct access will people have to you?

#5 How accountable will you hold your students?

All are important questions and have an impact on how well your students consume the coaching you provide. But first, let’s get real about coaching. There are people who may join your program that will rarely take action on anything they are being taught.

That’s where question #5 comes into play. You have to decide how accountable people will need to be to remain as part of your coaching program. If you set tasks to be completed or benchmarks to be met along the path and they fail to complete the task or meet the benchmark are they kicked out of your coaching program? No easy answers – but you do need to answer them.