9 Key Elements of a White Paper

#1 Title – make it as attention grabbing as possible.

#2 Abstract or Executive Summary – don’t assume they’ll get all the way to the end to read your conclusion.

#3 Introduction – define the issue you’re covering and provide some background discussion.

#4 Definition of the Problem – Identify thoroughly whatever business problem it is that your solution will help to solve.

#5 Solution – discuss relevant technologies, including competitors that you will rebut later at a relatively high level.

#6 Details of Your Solution – the nitty, gritty details of your solution.

#7 Business Benefits – paint your picture here of the reader’s new world after they’ve implemented your solution.

#8 Summary – emphasize the benefits of your solution and point out the risks to your readers of not using your product.

#9 Call to Action – tell your readers what you want them to do next and how to do it.