Are you a successful business owner who wants to launch a speaking career or add speaking to the marketing mix of your business? Or simply anyone with a powerful message they want to share and you just aren't sure how the speaking industry really works?

As a 25 year veteran of the speaking industry I've seen it all. I've been an attendee at hundreds of events and I've managed the back sales table at around 150 Internet and information marketing conferences. I've also handled product fulfillment for many of the biggest names in the industry so I've seen first hand what they do well and what they don't do so well.

If you're ready to take the shortcut to speaking success and want to find out how the industry really works and learn what you need to do to be gig ready then it's time to sign up for the Spotlight Speaker Materclass.

This eight week course is just $1997 and each session will run from 60 - 90 minutes. Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn week by week:

Week 1 - Overview of the Speaking Industry

- Fee vs. Free Speakers
- Virtual vs. In Person Events (We'll go into depth on virtual events in week 6)
- Demographics
- Key Metrics
- Dealing with Event Promoters
- Defining Your Signature Speech / Customization
- Your Goal as a Speaker
- Honing Your Craft

Week 2 - Pieces You Need to Put Into Place

- Website
- Branding
- List Building Bribe
- Social Media
- Blogging
- Media Kit/Press Room
- Contact Channels
- Stories
- Book
- Back Pocket Speech

Week 3 - Getting Gigs

- Speaker Bureaus
- Relationships
- List Building
- VAs
- Podcasting
- Pay Per Click
- Nurturing Your Flock
- Resources for Getting Gigs

Week 4 - Backend Products/Services

- Consulting
- Coaching
- Masterminds
- Membership Sites
- Training Courses
- Masterclasses
- Virtual Summits
- Home Study Courses
- Done for You Services
- Product Consumption
- Selling Products in Development

Week 5 - Mistakes to Avoid

- The $375,000 Mistake (Product in Development)
- The $300,000 Mistake (Communication Issue)
- Prima Donnas
- Killing a List
- Repurposing Your Assets
- Outsourcing
- Who's Handling the Money?

Week 6 - Virtual Events

- Lighting
- Interaction
- Tools of the Trade

Week 7 - Books

- Consumability
- Name Capture Mechanisms
- Importance of Your Cover
- Amazon Reviews
- Amazon Author Page
- Monetizing Your Book

Week 8 - Wrap Up and Q & A

- Quick Review of First 7 Weeks
- Prioritizing Your Next Steps
- Resources Available to Help You



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