The 4 Key Parts of a Great Story

Part of being a popular speaker is the ability to share a great story. It’s how you connect with your audience. A good story has four parts:

1️⃣ The setup – who, what, when, and where. This is where you explain what’s going on and paint a visual picture.

2️⃣ The dilemma or problem – Don’t start by saying “I’m going to tell you a story.” Just begin by sharing what the story is about and why it’s significant.

3️⃣ The outcome – How does the story end? Don’t leave your audience hanging. They’ll keep waiting for you to finish which will distract them from hearing the rest of your talk.

4️⃣ The relevancy – Why are you telling this story? What is the point you are making?

These four ideas are the foundation for good storytelling. Not all stories are positive.
Some of your biggest failures make the best stories. Be vulnerable.

You make your biggest connection when you show your human side. Do you practice this? Answer